Thank you for using online registration! We offer this as a service to the community and hope you enjoy its convience. Below are some common problems people have when logging on.

Which login process do I use?

I am in the system but my child isn't, how do I add my child?

I know I'm in the system but when I enter my information under first time login I get an error.










If the person you are registering has done anything with the YMCA of Greensboro in the last 5 years AND you haven't used online registration before please click the flashing "First Time login" button and complete the four boxes. Make sure you put last name first, and note that your default password is your initials and birthdate.

If you have used online registration before than just enter your email address and password at the top of the log in page

If you are new to the YMCA click the "sign me up" button at the bottom of the login page. You will add all the pertinant information and be "sold" a $0.00 membership. This is not an active membership, but rather a way to get information into the system.

In an effort to ensure the integrity of our family memberships we do not allow the addition of family member online. You can contact your local branch or send an email to web@ymcagreensboro with your name, the childs name, and the childs birthdate.

There are typically three reasons for difficulty with the first time login. First make sure you are typing your last name first. Second try all options of your name. Someone may use Joe as their name but we have you in the system as Joesph. Third we might have made a typo with your birthdate. You can call your branch to verify the information or send an email to